Pai Gow

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Pai Gow Poker online slot

Pai Gow online, by Playtech, is one of the French card games. This game can be played for free against the croupier in online licensed casinos, with a pack of 53 cards, with the 53rd card being the joker, which can be used instead of an ace, or a wild card, to complete the flush.

It is simple to play.

It is necessary to enter a bet. You and the croupier will receive seven cards eah, those will be divided into two lists: a low list of two cards and the high list of 5 cards. Combination assembled by the 5 cards, must always have a higher value than the combination of the two cards. If just one of your lists is better than croupier’s combination, the game ends in a tie and you receive your money back.
Lovers of card games, will certainly enjoy tha Pai Gow online for real money. All you have to do is beat the croupier and the victory is yours.

Play for real money

Before you click on any casino link, please keep in mind that not every time you can win and losing every now and then is simply part of the game. Never play with the money you need for every day life.

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