Are you a VIP casino player?

Are you a VIP casino player?

From our point of view is the VIP club and loyalty program of Bet365 the best and most rewarding one within the UK licensed online casinos. The positive thing is you become part of it right away, while in some other casinos you have to play for some period to be noticed by the customer service.

That means, there are some rules to reward you and if you follow them, there is not a space for being unnoticed. Since I am not allowed to write my own interpretation and too many comments. Keep in mind, the VIP plans do not only reward you, but their biggest aim is to keep you playing the casino games and betting the sport events. Make sure you play and bet responsibly.

Here is what they offer

Once you are done registering with the Bet365 website, you shall be entered into our exclusive VIP scheme automatically. Thus, it’s the time to climb the ladder as you proceed towards earning some of the biggest rewards. You can get rewarded in the following ways:

  • The entire picture of rewards begins at the Bronze level.
  • You will be upgraded to the Silver status upon reaching 150,000 comp points.
  • You will further be upgraded to the Gold status on earning 500,000 comp points.
  • When you nail the targets of 50,000, 150,000, 500,000 and 1,500,000 comp points, you will be rewarded with the exclusive Milestone Bonus.

The following table describes the availability of the benefits for you.

VIP Loyalty Status

Bronze: Beginner Level

  • The conversion rate of 100 points per one unit of currency lets you earn comp points.
  • On the account of collecting 50,000 comp points you can claim a Milestone Bonus of 50 euros.
  • Our bonus team offers exclusive bonus suite offers on regular intervals.
  • You can further have an access to amazing cash prizes and bonuses.
  • You will be upgraded to the silver level on the account of reaching 150,000 comp points.

Silver: 150,000 points

  • This level improves the redemption of the comp points and you can enjoy a rate of 85 points per one unit of currency.
  • On the account of achieving the silver status, you can claim a Milestone bonus of 100 euros.
  • Our bonus team offers exclusive silver bonus suite offers on regular intervals.
  • You will be upgraded to the gold level on winning 500,000 comp points.

Gold: 500,000 comp points

  • Redemption rate takes another superior level where you can enjoy a rate of 75 points per one unit of currency.
  • You can contact us to claim your 350 euros of Milestone Bonus on reaching to the gold status.
  • Our bonus team offers exclusive gold bonus suite offers on regular intervals of the stage.
  • You can also have an access to the exclusive VIP Account Managers of our website.
  • You can maintain your gold status by collecting 2,500 comp points in every three months.
  • You can contact us to claim your 1,000 euros of Milestone Bonus on the account of collecting 1,500,000 comp points.

Relevant offers terms and conditions

  1. You are required to initiate with the early Bronze Status in the casino VIP scheme and this will take you post your first month’s play in the casino. You will be granted with the silver status on the account of collecting 150,000 comp points and further a gold status on the account of collecting 500,000 comp points.
  2. You can claim your Milestone Bonus on reaching 50,000 comp points, 150,000 comp points, 500,000 comp points as well as 1,500,000 comp points in the game.
  3. Once started, you are required to wager the value of the exclusive Milestone Bonus twenty times on the actual money games prior to thirty days of making any kind of withdrawal or transfer.
  4. Not all casino games associated with us contribute the same rates towards the wagering requirements. Please go through the full offer terms and conditions below:

Full offer terms and conditions

  1. The membership provided as to the Bet365 VIP Scheme is at the complete discretion of bet365. At any point of the access, the website possesses the right to refuse or revoke the membership of its members.
  2. The players are required to start off with the Bronze status in the VIP scheme and be assessed after the first month’s play in the casino. Upon achieving the silver status by completing 150,000 the level upgrades and the same upgrades to another superior level of gold after competing 500,000 comp points.
  3. A Milestone Bonus is rewarded on achieving 50,000, 150,000, 500,000 as well as 1,500,000 comp points.
  4. If the player has attained the status of gold or silver but hasn’t placed any bets for a consecutive period of thirteen weeks, he/she will be reverted back to the Bronze status.
  5. Only an individual holding an account is eligible to fetch all the rewards and the advantages of the VIP scheme. No transfer is to be done on any concerned part of the scheme in between different players and their accounts.
  6. All the comp points and their totals as to the promotions and rewards within the VIP scheme are calculated at the rate under which they are accrued making the use of the comp points conversion table.
  7. The milestone bonuses so earned must be wagered twenty times prior they could be either transferred or withdrawn from the account. Also, not all the games contribute at the same percentage towards the wagering requirement in the game. Additional games could be added on to the list only on the account of being an exception in the case. The following are the exceptions and also the games that contribute 100 percent on the wager. All the games within the category of Games and Keno add 50 percent. Baccarat and all its variants but for Baccarat side Bets, Blackjack and all its variants but for Blackjack Surrender, Lucky Blackjack and Blackjack Switch, Craps, Casino Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker and all its variants, Let them Ride Poker, Red Dog, Pontoon, Sic Bo, Wild Viking, Stravaganza and all other video slots add 25 percent. Other games such as Blackjack Surrender, Live Hi-Lo, Video Poker, Lucky Blackjack, Multi Spin slot games and many others do not add to the requirement of wagering.
  8. All the bonuses that have been claimed as a portion of the promotion are held valid only for a period of thirty days and any unredeemed or unused bonuses will be removed after the said period along with the winnings attributable to the same.
  9. The bonuses and the prize amounts so obtained shall be calculated on the basis of the current currency multiplier table and would be at the sole discretion of Bet365.
  10. Only the wagers that have been made on the actual money shall be contributed towards the requirement of wagering.
  11. If a customer makes any kind of transfer or withdrawal out of their account before meeting the necessary wagering requirements, they are able to forfeit the bonus and lose all the funds that have been held in the balance of their bonuses.
  12. Not any kind of minimal risk wagering is entertained to contribute as to any part of the promotion. This condition also includes the bonus wagering requirements as well as the collection of any points. The players are deemed to be making the use of the minimal risk wagering tactics in order to redeem their cash prizes or bonuses or any other subsequent winnings removed.
  13. On the account of any term of the promotion or offer being breached or if there exists any evidence that directs towards a series of bets placed by a customer or a group that due to an enhanced payment, deposit bonus, free bet, risk free bets or any other promotional offer results in the guaranteed profit of the customer regardless of the outcome, whether made individually or in a group, the website reserves the authority to reclaim that particular bonus element at its absolute discretion. The website also has the right to either settle such bets or void any bet that has been funded by the deposit bonus. In addition to this, bet365 also reserves the right to levy a charge of administration on to the customer raising up to the value of the free bet, deposit bonus or any other form of bonus in order to cover for its administrative costs. Bet365 may also ask for any kind of documentation to enquire into the case.
  14. The offers introduced by Bet365 are meant for the recreational players and the website at its absolute discretion has the authority to restrict any customer’s eligibility to participate into it.
  15. All the offers here are limited to one per person, email address, family, household address, telephone number, same payment account number, public library, workplace, shared number, etc. The website also reserves the right to withdraw the availability of the offer or offers to either a customer or a group at any time at their absolute discretion. Offers are applicable only to those customers who have made an actual deposit with the website.
  16. The website has the right to change, cancel, reclaim or relapse the promotion at its absolute discretion.
  17. The website has the right to use nicknames, alias, names, country of residence in regard to the announcement about the results of the tournament, recipients of the progressive jackpot as well as promotional bonus.
  18. All the employees, directors, officers or Bet365, its promotional agencies, licensees, licensors, other agencies, service providers and any other associated party are not to be held eligible for the promotion. Same terms and conditions are applicable on the direct families of such persons.

Please note: 18+ The full Terms and Conditions for casino offers need to be taken into consideration alongside any promotion. These can be found within the relevant promotion pages of the casino website you visit.

Gamble responsibly and in moderation. Do not consider gambling as a way of earning money, and only play with money that you can afford to lose. If you are worried about your gambling or are affected by another person's gambling behaviour, please contact GamCare or GamblersAnonymus for help.

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