Gambling Laws in China

Gambling Laws in China


Mainland China as a country strictly prohibits gambling. In this country, both the forms of gambling offline and online is prohibited and is a punishable offense with the punishment being a hefty fine and imprisonment. And this punishment holds true for not only the patrons, but also for the operators. Mainland China also attempts to block any form of access which the citizens might use when it comes to the online casinos and this is achieved using the firewall of China.
And despite this high amount of regulation in China, the gambling market is quite big to the extent of 4 billion dollars annually. Websites like Bet365 and Bodog Asia among other betting websites are quite a hit among people. Here, it is not legal to place any bets from within the country.

And the closest thing that mainland china has allowed when it comes to gambling is to allow the national lottery to run. But, it should be noted that these lottery tickets cannot be purchased online. Also, to a certain extent, the luck based sports betting is allowed, which is run in the form of scratch cards, Keno and video lottery terminals. Though anything else, and it is strictly banned in China!

Special Administrative Regions for Gambling

When it comes to Macau and Hong Kong, these regions fall under the special administrative regions. In these regions, the mainland china governs the foreign and defense affairs of these places, but as far as domestic laws, economy and police are concerned, these regions control it on their own. As a result of this, these regions have their own laws and policies on gambling. Neither of the two regions have any system in place to regulate, monitor or allow any gambling websites to run. According to the law which governs these regions, online gambling is neither permitted nor prohibited. Thus, the potential operators have absolutely no opportunity to acquire any form of online gambling licenses. Thus, online gambling is dead in the state of China. And it should be noted that there are a couple of exclusions to gambling on sports over the internet, but as such, nothing in place for Las Vegas online games  poker or casino gambling.

Offline Gambling in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as such allows certain forms of Gambling and these events are managed by the state itself through the Hong Kong Jockey Club. This government sponsored Jockey Club in a non-profit organization which manages gambling in Hong Kong. Residents of Hong Kong can legally place bets using the Jockey Club. However all other forms of betting and gambling are deemed as illegal in Hong Kong. This Jockey Club offers gambling games like horse betting, mark six lottery and overseas soccer betting.

In Hong Kong, as such, it is illegal to place bets with bookmakers who are not authorized, not only for the residents, but also for the visitors. Needless to say, running unauthorized bookmaking can result in a steep penalty. And this is not legal, even if the bookmakers are located outside the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. The fine/ penalty for working or doing bookmaking is to the extent of 30000 $ or 9 months of imprisonment.

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Offline Gambling in Macau

Macau is a little better placed when it comes to gambling. Macau in fact surpassed Las Vegas when it came to the revenues earned through gambling. And Macau is the biggest gambling destination of the world. In Macau, it is legal for people to play the traditional styled casino games like poker. Again, sports betting, more importantly horse betting is legal in the country.

As mentioned above, the following are the gambling laws in the state of China.

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