Gambling Laws in Netherlands

Gambling Laws in Netherlands


Before getting to any form of gambling, it is important to understand the laws that govern all the activities in the concerned gaming. Gambling in countries like the Netherlands started many years ago and are still main activities even today. In the Netherlands, gambling is a monopoly mainly dominated by public operators such as Holland Casino, Staatsloterij and Postcode Loterij.

All gambling activities in the Netherlands are currently regulated under the Betting and Gaming Act which was enacted in 1961. The Netherlands Gaming Authority is the body responsible for ensuring that all the laws of the act are followed. The agency mainly focuses on protecting the citizens from illegal and fraud forms of gambling and hence provides the reliability of all gambling activities. Below are the laws and regulations that govern gambling in the Netherlands.

Age regulation and eligibility

Gambling is legal in the Netherlands but only to people who have attained 18 years of age. Any person who has not attained this age limit is considered to be a child and ineligible and cannot participate in any form of gambling.

Gaming products

Under the Betting and Gaming act 1964, all gaming activities are licensed under two categories. Casino gaming and Sports Betting. Variety of casino games and gambling activities are included under these two main categories. The games recognized under the two main groups are poker which is only offered by the Holland Casino, betting which involves all the forms of betting like sports betting, horse-race betting and any other forms of betting. Other gambling products recognized by the act are the casino games which are offered by the Holland Casino, machine gaming such as slots, terminal-based gambling, state lottery, lotto and instant lottery.

Land-based gambling licensing

All gambling products except the casino and the machine gaming are licensed on a semi-permanent basis. Holland Casino is offered a permanent license to conduct all the casino gaming. Similarly, Staatsloterij has a permanent license and is mandated to hold all the state lottery. All other gambling products are licensed on an exclusive semi-permanent basis. Each permit issued has its terms and conditions that have to be followed by the party allotted.

Online gambling

Currently, there is no online gambling available in the Netherlands because the Dutch law prohibits them. However, several acts have been enacted, and it has been confirmed that these games will be introduced. Licensing will be given under two main categories; Sports betting and Casino gaming. Several gambling products that will be licensed include poker, slot machines, live betting, short-odd bingo among others. Gambling activities such as online lottery and non-sporting event betting will not be included in the licensing.

Gambling taxation

Winnings which are more than €449 won by a citizen are subject to 29% tax as directed by the Betting and Gaming act. The gambling service providers are supposed to deduct and hold the tax amount before giving out the prize won. Also, all winnings from online gambling will be subject to 29% tax deduction.

All these laws and regulations are meant to help to increase the effectiveness and safety of all gambling activities by preventing frauds and regulating the operation of existing service providers. They are also aimed at ensuring that only the eligible citizen participates in gaming and gambling activities. The Netherlands government is actively involved in the implementation of these laws because it also gains income from tax obtained from gambling activities.

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