Red Hot Wilds

Red Hot Wilds slot Review


Nothing can ever compare this design of Barcrest Gaming which is based on the classic game type and yet is fiery exciting. Red Hot Wilds slot gives quick hindsight into the graphical design of the game which is definitely a sight to behold. The entire background is designed in the reddish-orange hue of the fire, with the shadows forming a parabolic shape on the top.

Red Hot Wilds slot is very well known from the betting shops within the UK. If you ever play there I am quite sure you have seen the Red Hot Wilds title. Compared to other ones there, belongs Red Hot Wilds together with Super Spins Bar X to my favourite ones.

The reel is placed just at the center of the screen, with all the control panels occupying both the sides. Barcrest Gaming, without any doubt, is one of the best gaming companies owing to the fact that being new in the industry it has created some majestic games.

In this game, however, Barcrest Gaming has overthrown all the set presumptions about it and has excelled in every way. Starting from the metallic soundtrack to the visuals and the graphics, everything was designed in a way to make sure that only the theme would be classic, but not the gameplay. With only three reels and three rows, the set occupies most of the screen space and that’s why the symbols appear in a zoomed manner.

Obviously, as it is a traditional game, the symbols too are traditional and classic- golden bell pairs, green pears, red seven pairs, oranges, plums, cherries, and blue stars. There is an outlining silhouette around the symbols which makes them prominent against the black reel background. Checkout one more interesting game by Barcrest - Mighty Black Knight slot. And if you want to play the same game, then you can try your hands.

Now, the best part comes in the form of the wild feature. Rather than a fixed symbol, Barcrest created a list of all symbols and marked them with a multiplier, from 1 to 10. You have to choose any one of them. More the multiplier value, less the number of times it will occur on the reel.

The bonus feature includes an advanced form of free spins. Obviously, Barcrest Gaming has to go to extra lengths to create something extravagant for the players. In this round, you will be given two choices. The first will give you five spins along with a wild symbol while the second option will give you five spins along with a frozen wild. The RTP of this game varies from 94% to 98%.

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