Review of Betsoft slots - Which ones pay best?

Review of Betsoft slots - Which ones pay best?


As most players are already aware, Betsoft is one of the big slot game developers that keep releasing quality slots. Betsoft slots very often have a very high theoretical payout. So why don’t we examine their entire portfolio and see which slots pay the best?

Slots with RTP 97.00% or better

Granted, on this list we included 5 slots that are just short of the 97.00% mark, but it wouldn’t be fair towards these games to not include them. In total, there are 16 Betsoft slots with RTP 97.00% or better, and those 5 additional ones we added that are just short.

Good Girl, Bad Girl 97.79%
Whospunit? 97.64%
Gypsy Rose 97.63%
Sugar Pop! 97.60%
Safari Sam 97.50%
Sushi Bar 97.48%
At the Copa 97.42%
After Night Falls 97.27%
Puppy Love 97.23%
Greedy Goblins 97.20%
The Angler 97.10%
The Tipsy Tourist 97.10%
Monster Pop 97.07%
Back To Venus 97.07%
The True Sheriff 97.03%
Lucky 7 97.00%
Total Overdrive 96.92%
A Night in Paris 96.92%
Bamboo Rush 96.90%
Slots Angels 96.89%
Frankenslot's Monster 96.83%

Good Girl, Bad Girl remains the top-paying Betsoft slot of all time despite its release in February 2014. Not only that this slot has RTP of whopping 97.79%, but you also get to choose if you want to play a game that has low variance or high variance. The latter, of course, is the correct choice.

The next nine titles on the list, ending with Greedy Goblins, are slots released during this same period, mostly in 2012, some in 2013. Gypsy Rose is an exception as it’s a 2014 release, and it remains one of the most popular slots played by those players who are looking for high-RTP slots. The Angler is the first modern title on the list (2017), but there are better games here.

Best high-payout modern Betsoft slots

If we know that RTP is important but it’s also important how does the game play, we will realize that a playable game that’s capable of paying huge wins is better than the game with the same RTP that doesn’t really play that well.

Betsoft has recently started releasing excellent titles that are better than what they did before, and among these there are some high-payout slots.

Monster Pop and Back To Venus are the two best-paying modern slots, and both pay very well and have exciting bonus rounds. Back To Venus in particular is an amazing slot as it’s interesting already in the base game, while the bonus rounds pay well. Monster Pop is similar - except that that’s a cluster pays game.

Why play high RTP slots?

If a slot game has theoretical payout of 98.00%, it means that over the long run, for every 100 units invested in the game you’ll get 98 units back. For comparison, European roulette has theoretical payout of 97.30% while blackjack can go above 99%, dependent on the rules.

It is pretty important to play a game which doesn’t have a huge house edge, but the primary purpose of RTP is actually the willingness of the developer to reveal it publicly! Some developers refuse to do that, and you never know what the house edge is. Simply by seeing that the developer released RTP information, you already know you’re not being cheated.

Is RTP the only factor to consider?

Any RTP over 95.00% will do, although this seriously depends on the nature of the game. Some slots are capable of paying wins so huge that you don’t mind the RTP being a bit lower, because you only need one good spin and don’t care about the long run.

As a rule of thumb, if the slot has high variance and can pay out a life-changing win, you can accept RTP that’s below 95% but not too much below 94%. On the other hand, if you’re playing medium- or low-variance slots then you do want the house edge to be as low as possible because with low variance you can’t handle a big house edge. In that case, you’ll want the RTP to be as close to 98% as possible, and will likely look to NetEnt, even if Betsoft have a few slots that fit this bill. Betsoft don’t do low variance slots but Monster Pop and Back To Venus have medium variance and high payout, so these will work too.


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