What not to do in casinos of Macau?

What not to do in casinos of Macau?


Macau, a peninsula off the southern coast of China is a place to visit. A part of Portugal until 1999, the city was then reoccupied Macau. Ever since this re-acquisition has happened, the tourism in the city has tripled from a total of seven million annual tourists to almost twenty-two million tourists. Such an increase in the tourism of Macau has a number of reasons, however the most popular of them all is the casino environment here. Following the popularity of the casino at this destination, Macau has been termed as the ‘Las Vegas of the East’. There are many fun and unusual destinations for the gamblers of all rounds. The city provides for a very different but intriguing experience to the locations and is worth a visit if your love for gambling and casino is endless.

Most of the traffic of the gamblers in Macau hails from Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are a number of ways and games of a casino here. However, one thing that differentiates the casino environment of Macau than that of different places are the strict rules regarding casino here. A number of rules have been introduced by the authorities that involve various do’s and don’ts which must be followed by the people whoever visit these casinos.

The dos may be flexible, however, the people are required to strictly obey the don’ts.

You are not allowed to travel into the free shuttle buses of Macau if you do not carry a proof with you

Here is the list of you must not do in the casinos of Macau

1. Do not enter if you are an underage:

The legal gambling age in Macau for the residents is 21 and that for the foreigners is 18. Thus, if you are an underage and are wanting to enter into the casino, make sure not to fulfill this wish. Moreover, the authorities always keep a check on the passport or a Hong Kong identity card which form the ID which the security accepts.

2. Do not carry luggage, electronics, etc.:

The casino parlors and properties of Macau do not let you carry any kind of luggage or electronics such as cameras, laptops, tablets, etc. inside them. Everything you carry is checked at the cloakroom and you are strictly not allowed to carry these stuff.

3. Do not take the dress code so lightly:

Dress code is one important thing that almost all the casinos of Macau abide by. Thus, if you are hoping to enter into any of the casinos in your random casual wear, you are strictly not allowed. The dress up like shorts, sleeveless tops, and flip-flops is strictly not permitted for both men and women. The high roller rooms have stricter rules and regulations in regard to the dress code.

 4. Do not enter the casinos in a drunken state:

You are not allowed to enter into the casinos of Macau if you are intoxicated by alcohol. Macau observes very strict rules in regard to the consumption of alcohol before entering into a casino. Thus, you aren’t permitted to enter into the casinos if you are drunk. The security is sure likely to show you the door if they find you visibly drunk.

5. Do not smoke at the casino:

Just like drinking, the rules regarding smoking too are stringent at the casinos of Macau. While a number of casinos in Macau are little hazier on the rule of smoking, there are a few casinos that strictly ban the fashion of smoking inside their rooms.

6. Do not travel in the shuttle buses without a proof:

You are not allowed to travel into the free shuttle buses of Macau if you do not carry a proof with you. The casinos of Macau have become very particular about this rule and you will be needing a receipt from a casino or a proof that you are accommodating yourself into a casino hotel if you are wanting to travel into the shuttle buses for free.

Although Macau offers its slot machines players and all sorts of gamblers a great opportunity to experience the different patterns of gambling here, it also comes with a rule-book of what to follow and what not to do. Thus, it is always suggested to stick by the rule book of Macau and do not try on doing something that is prohibited by all the casinos.


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